Herziene richtlijn ‘Cardiovasculair risicomanagement’

Judith J.S. Tjin-A-Ton en Karen T.S. Konings

Revision Dutch Guideline Cardiovascular Disease Prevention 2019

The multidisciplinary guideline ‘Cardiovascular risk management’(CVRM) appeared in March 2019. It has also been published in the form of a Dutch College of General Practitioners guideline.

The CVRM guideline describes the whole spectrum of diagnostics and measures to prevent cardiovascular disease. The guideline also introduces a new classification of risk categories.

Lifestyle remains the basis of treatment. Target values for blood pressure and cholesterol have been revised, and there is a specific focus on the elderly.

The guideline also concentrates on measures at population level and recommends that primary care should take a programmatic approach to those people at high or very high risk. Working with the patient through the provision of good information and an individual care plan is essential for this.

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