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The Dutch Journal of Medicine (‘Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Geneeskunde’, or NTvG) is the one of the world’s five oldest medical journals. First published in 1857, it has appeared weekly without interruption ever since. Its popularity amongst Dutch doctors has allowed the journal to remain independent and loyal to its principles of advancing medical practice through scientific research that is robust, trustworthy and independent. Prior to publication articles are subjected to peer review.

The Dutch Journal of Medicine is owned and published by the Dutch Journal of Medicine Society (‘Vereniging NTvG’).

Medical science in the Netherlands
In 2012, the Dutch healthcare system was rated the best within the European Union by the Euro Health Consumer Index and ranked 17th in the 2000 WHO global ranking, above both the UK and USA.

Medical scientific research has a long and distinguished history in the Netherlands, and has always been seen as a national priority. Several recent medical breakthroughs originated in Dutch university clinics and labs. The Dutch medical community has also made important contributions to major global medical debates, such as abortion and euthanasia.


NTvG Association
All editors and members of the editorial board become lifelong members of the NTvG Association, which currently has 209 members. As well as our editorial offices, the Association’s headquarters in central Amsterdam (see address below) also house a major library of Dutch medical history and academic works. The library can be visited by appointment (see contact details below).

Editorial policy
The NTvG is edited by clinicians working in Dutch hospitals and general practice, and is a founding member of the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors. Strict rules for advertisers keep pharmaceutical influence in the journal to a minimum, while the continuing medical education programme is entirely free of advertising.

Because the NTvG continues to publish in Dutch, there has been a shift in focus from original research papers to reviews and commentaries, as well as primary research into areas of specific importance to doctors practising in the Netherlands.
The NTvG actively contributes to continuing medical education by producing online tests linked to its published articles and accredited by national professional associations. The NTvG Annual Symposium has also received official accreditation from the Dutch central accreditation board.

Access to the NTvG
Articles published in the NTvG are indexed in Medline from 1965 onwards and English language abstracts can be accessed through PubMed. Full-text articles in Dutch are available only to subscribers via the NTvG website. The NTvG archive includes all full-text articles going back to 1857 and, up to the last five years of publication, is freely available to anyone.

Copy right requests or requests from the Copyright Clearance Center can be sent to the following e-mail address: copyrightrequest@ntvg.nl

Contacting the NTvG
Editorial Office
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prof.dr. Marcel Olde Rikkert

Lisette Cleyndert
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