Reanimatie na trauma

Betere overlevingskansen door doelgerichte behandeling
Stand van zaken
Lena Koers, J.L. (Hans) van Schuppen, Victor A. Viersen, Fabian O. Kooij, J. Carel Goslings en Markus W. Hollmann

Resuscitation after trauma: better survival chances thanks to goal-oriented treatment

  • Recent literature shows increased survival for patients with traumatic cardiac arrest.
  • An early and aggressive approach to underlying causes and good integrated trauma care are probably responsible for this.
  • The new resuscitation guideline of the European Resuscitation Council emphasises that treatment of the underlying cause deserves more priority than performing chest compressions.
  • In addition to a structured approach with interventions focused on the causes of the arrest, standard operating procedures and protocols, regular scenario training and clinical governance are vital to improve survival chances for these patients.

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