Pijn bij kanker

artikel voor onderwijs en opleiding
Jürgen Fleisch en Albert Dahan

Pain in cancer

  • Cancer patients often experience pain that has a significantly negative effect on their daily living.
  • This pain may be caused by the disease process itself, but may also be related to the treatment such as chemotherapy-induced neuropathic pain, chronic pain following surgery and post-amputation pain.
  • In this training article we will discuss the different aspects of cancer-related pain, based on various questions posed by general practitioners and internists.
  • Items that are discussed include measurement of pain, opioid therapy, opioid side effects, adjuvant medication, barriers that preclude proper treatment of pain, opioid tolerance and addiction, and interventional therapy.
  • Pain treatment in cancer patients requires a multidisciplinary team effort, with a central role for the patient.

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