Zwarte deeltjes in plasma en kankerverwekkende pillen

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C. (Kees) Kramers, J.C.A. (Hans) Smit, Rick Greupink, Suzanne Heemskerk en Ira Helsloot

Begin juli kopt NRC Handelsblad met ‘Alweer een zak vol zwarte deeltjes’. De lezers van het nieuwsblad werden opgeschrikt door heftige berichten over zwarte deeltjes in bloedplasma en over de kankerverwekkende stof para-chlooraniline in paracetamol. Hoe gevaarlijk zijn deze kwesties?

Black particles in plasma and carcinogenic pills

Recently in a national newspaper presumed large hazards in care were described. Visible black particles were seen in blood plasma and a cancerogenic substance was found in paracetamol. Every year 300.000 bags of plasma are produced. The black particles were found in 11 bags of plasma. Possibly one of these was administered. During administration 175 micron filters are used. Presumably remaining particles will be degraded by the mononuclear-phagocytic system. In paracetamol 6 ppm of para-chloroaniline was found. Depending of the limit used by either the ICH or the EFSA this means for patients using lifelong 6 grams of paracetamol a risk off respectively 1: 200.000 or 1:20.000. This risk is neglectable compared of the life time risks of cancer in the population (1:3). Journalists should realize that this exaggerated commentary can lead to real serious risks (taking NSAID’s instead of paracetamol) and mistrust in regular care.

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