E-bikers raken vaker ernstig gewond na fietsongeval

Resultaten uit de Groningse fietsongevallendatabase
H.P.A.M. (Jeroen) Poos, Tim L. Lefarth, Jorrit S. Harbers, Klaus W. Wendt, Mostafa El Moumni en Inge H.F. Reininga

E-bikers are more often seriously injured in bicycle accidents: results from the Groningen bicycle accident database


Analysing injury types, injury severity and mortality in victims of accidents with electric bicycles in comparison with conventional bicycles.


Prospective cohort study.


Data of patients treated at the Accident & Emergency Department of the University Medical Center Groningen after a bicycle accident are being entered in a database since 2014. We have analysed this database for accidents with electric bicycles (e-bikes) and conventional bicycles occurring among adult patients for the period of July 2014 to May 2016. ‘Propensity score matching’ was used to match e-bikers to conventional cyclists, based on age, gender and the presence of comorbidities.


107 of the 475 included victims were riding an e-bike. Average age of e-bikers and conventional cyclists was 65 years and 39 years respectively. Comorbidity was more common in e-bikers. E-bikers were injured significantly more severely than conventional cyclists. They had more severe injuries of the head and face, and upper and lower extremities. E-bikers were also admitted to the hospital more often, and for longer periods, and they underwent surgery more often. Mortality was the same. Propensity score matching revealed that e-bikers had multiple severe injuries (ISS > 15) twice as often as conventional cyclists, that they had more severe head injuries and were admitted for longer periods than conventional cyclists.


E-bikers who had a bicycle accident had more severe injuries, more frequently had multiple injuries and had more severe head injuries than conventional cyclists. This resulted in a greater need for care. Preventive measures such as riding lessons and helmet use should be encouraged. Care providers should pay extra attention to the possibility of severe injuries when a patient had a bicycle accident with an e-bike.

Conflict of interest and financial support: none declared.