Vijftig jaar plastische chirurgie in Nederland. III. Structieve chirurgie van de genitaliën

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J.J. Hage

Fifty years of plastic surgery in the Netherlands. III. Structive surgery of the genital organs

- Plastic surgeons have contributed to the constructive and reconstructive surgery of the external genitals. This development followed the increase of surgical-technical possibilities.

- Whereas in the past the possibilities were limited to transplantation of skin grafts and pedicled flaps, they have now been supplemented by free transplantation using microsurgical techniques.

- Other specialists have adopted the techniques developed by plastic surgeons.

- In future, in the structive surgery of genitals use will be made of the growing possibilities of transplantation of donor organs and the results of investigation of tissue cultures and biomaterials.

- The demand for aesthetical corrections of the external genitals will increase.