‘Value-based healthcare’

Kansen voor betere zorgkwaliteit tegen lagere kosten
Organisatie van zorg
Douwe H. Biesma

Value-based healthcare: opportunities for better healthcare quality at a lower cost

The introduction of ‘value’ as a goal in healthcare requires a change of thinking. Quality becomes a leading principle. Transparency will lead to better care in hospitals that compare their results with each other. Making quality visible together creates the group pressure this requires. Professional and patient organisations cannot stay behind when reducing costs. Physicians and patients should contribute to providing cheaper care. Concentrating care also helps to reduce costs. Hospital data will have to be processed to help patients select a treatment. This requires substantial investments in ICT. More attention should be given to the entire care chain. In science, the focus should shift from evidence-based to quality-based medicine. ‘Value-based healthcare’ turns the medical world on its head and requires time, patience and adjustment. This will repay itself in better quality, lower costs, higher satisfaction and more control for patients when making decisions about their treatment.

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