Medicamenteuze behandeling van gastro-oesofageale refluxziekte bij zwangeren: consensusrichtlijn van gastro-enterologen en gynaecologen

B.L.A.M. Weusten, N. Exalto en M.H. Otten

Drug treatment of gastro-oesophageal reflux disease in pregnant women: guidelines agreed by gastroenterologists and gynaecologists

- Lifestyle changes are recommended as the first step in the treatment of pregnant women with heartburn.

- If symptoms persist, antacids or the mucoprotective sucralfate can be prescribed.

- If symptoms are persistent and severe, acid secretion inhibitors may be prescribed; the proton-pump inhibitor omeprazole is the drug of choice.

- It is unlikely that this drug could harm the fetus but the possibility cannot be entirely excluded. Prescription should be delayed until after the first trimester, whenever possible. Patients who have become pregnant while using these drugs can be reassured.