Letsels door ongevallen en geweld in Nederland

Resultaten van een Spoedeisende Hulp-registratie
Stand van zaken
Ed F. van Beeck, Martien J.M. Panneman, Suzanne Polinder en Birgitte Blatter

Injuries resulting from accidents and violence in the Netherlands; results of an Emergency Department register

  • Injuries from accidents and violence are amongst the most important public health issues in the world, including in Europe and the Netherlands.
  • Using the Dutch Injury Surveillance System and the Dutch Burden of Injury Model, we describe the incidence and costs associated with injuries in the Netherlands that are registered via Emergency Departments (ED). We also map the main causes of injury by age category.
  • Annually, 700,000 patients attend the ED of a hospital with an injury; 1 in 6 attendees is admitted.
  • The societal costs of these injuries totals 3.2 billion euro per year. These costs consist of direct care-related costs and indirect costs through work absence.
  • Private injuries contribute to more than half of the number of casualties. Injuries occur relatively more often in children and the elderly.
  • The key underlying causes differ per age category. Common causes in all ages are cycling accidents, falls from heights, and other fall-related incidents.
  • The government should continue to deliver the public health interventions for prevention of fall injuries and cycling accidents.

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