Hoge moedersterfte door pre-eclampsie en het HELLP-syndroom

Louis L.H. Peeters

High maternal mortality due to pre-eclampsia and the HELLP syndrome

In the Netherlands maternal mortality due to hypertensive complications of pregnancy - pre-eclampsia and the ‘haemolysis, elevated liver enzymes, low platelet count’ (HELLP) syndrome - is 6 times higher than in the United Kingdom. Several measures could reduce this mortality: better information to all pregnant women so as to reduce patient’s delay, screening for protein loss in urine at every pregnancy check-up using the modern dipstick method, improved structuring of theoretical and practical education about these complications to all who are involved with perinatal care, and better implementation of the practice guideline. The largest gain in quality of care can be obtained by removing the organisational, financial and cultural barriers between primary perinatal care on the one hand and secondary and tertiary perinatal care on the other.