'Het is noodzakelijk dat de vrouwelijke artsen zich aaneensluiten': Vereniging van Nederlandse Vrouwelijke Artsen, 1933-1998

F.M.M. Griffioen

'It is necessary that women doctors join forces': Dutch Association of Medical Women, 1933-1998.

- After a history of some years, the Dutch Association of Medical Women (VNVA) was founded in 1933. The aim of the Association was to promote the interests of women doctors. At that time about 5 of the physicians were women. Their position on the labour market was not at all equal to that of their male colleagues. In 1949 some VNVA members played an important part in stimulating the recognition of women's interests by publishing on anticonception in this journal. It is still necessary to pay attention to equal opportunities for women doctors. Besides, promotion of a sex-sensitive health care was added to the mission statement. The Association nowadays has more than 2600 members.