Een ongewone tumor na een borstvergroting

Laura C. Burlage, Milea J.M. Timbergen, Cornelis Verhoef en Eveline M.L. Corten

An uncommon tumour following breast enlargement


Every year approximately 19,000 breast enlargement operations are performed in the Netherlands. Although rare, surgical trauma to breast tissue can result in the development of a desmoid tumour.

Case description

A 54-year-old woman, with a history of breast enlargement surgery using silicone implants, presented with a rapidly progressive swelling in the left breast. Radiological and histopathological examinations confirmed the diagnosis of a desmoid tumour. A preoperative workup for surgical resection of the tumour and reconstruction of the breast was conducted; however, following discussion between the breast- and the soft-tissue tumour workgroups we decided not to operate, due to the high risk of recurrence after surgery. Together with the patient we opted for conservative management with radiological follow-up within a national trial.


A desmoid tumour in the breast is a rare condition. Worldwide, it is increasingly treated using a watch-and-wait management approach. Multidisciplinary discussions contribute to offering the best tumour-focused and patient-specific therapy.

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