Domperidon en het risico op acute hartdood

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Sonja E. van Roeden, Gerdien Belle-van Meerkerk, S.A.C. (Bas) van Tuyl, Marcel A. van de Ree en Alex F. Muller

Domperidone and the risk of sudden cardiac death

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  • Domperidone is an antiemetic drug with relatively few side-effects. In the Netherlands, domperidone is available over the counter.

  • Recently, discussion on the safety of domperidone has arisen because an association with sudden cardiac death has been suggested. We performed a systematic literature search to investigate whether these concerns can be justified.

  • Three out of four case-control studies found statistically significant increased odds ratios for sudden cardiac death when using domperidone. A dose-response relationship was described in one study. Results may be influenced by several confounders.

  • We conclude that there is a relationship between domperidone use and sudden cardiac death at doses of more than 30 mg per day. We recommend that the indication be weighed up properly, that domperidone be provided only on prescription, and dose advice be given.

  • At a dose of 30 mg per day, domperidone can be prescribed safely.