Is covid-19 een hype?

René ten Bos

Om te weten of iets een hype is, moeten we iets weten wat we niet kunnen weten, stelt filosoof René ten Bos.

Is COVID-19 a hype?

The answer to the question whether COVID-19 is a hype or not depends on how we define a hype. The article loosely builds on philosophical discussions about hypes in knowledge work and information sciences. The central idea is to make clear that hypes always imply a certain overload of information and that the paradoxical outcome of this that it is not just information that is piling up but also disinformation. It is argued that it is in this sense (and only in this sense) that COVID-19 is a hype. How we respond to this hype depends very strongly on subjective sensitivities towards both information and desinformation.

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