1901-2001: 100 jaar artsen op het consultatiebureau voor zuigelingen en peuters

B. de Pree-Geerlings, I.M.N. de Pree en A.M.W. Bulk-Bunschoten

1901-2001: 100 years of doctors in Dutch infant welfare centres.

- This year marks the centenary of infant welfare centres in the Netherlands. In 1901, Plantenga opened the first infant welfare centre in The Hague, the Netherlands. Initially, only advice about feeding was given and the growth of the infant was monitored. To support mothers, extra milk was supplied in so-called ‘milk kitchens’. Over the years the tasks have been extended to include a wide range of preventive measures. At first the doctors in infant welfare clinics were predominantly paediatricians but later general practitioners and doctors specialised in infant primary health care followed. In their 100-years existence, infant welfare clinics have grown into an intricate network which sees 98 of Dutch infants.