Sikkelcelziekte in de hielprikscreening. II.

Gerapporteerd dragerschap
Fleur Vansenne, Corianne A.J.M. de Borgie, Marelle J. Bouva, Monica A. Legdeur, Rob van Zwieten, Fred Petrij en Marjolein Peters

Sickle cell disease in heel prick screening. II. Reported sickle cell trait


Evaluation of the reporting of sickle cell trait during the first year (2007) in which sickle cell disease has been included in heel prick screening in the Netherlands.




Reporting of the number of children identified as having sickle cell trait and the number of subsequent referrals by general practitioners to 2 clinical genetics centres (CGC), at the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam and the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam.


In the first year sickle cell trait was found in 806 children. Only 20 couples were referred to the 2 CGCs, and these did not include any at-risk couples i.e. couples in which both partners have sickle cell trait.


There is still a lack of clarity among primary care providers concerning the role of the general practitioner and of the midwife in the reportage procedure for sickle cell trait.