De giftige groene knolamaniet

Leverfalen na ingestie van amatoxinen bevattende paddenstoelen
Suzanne A.V. van Asten, Tina D. van Hemel-Rintjap, Dylan W. de Lange, Henneke N. Mulder-Spijkerboer en Ed J. Kuijper

Emergence of amatoxin poisoning in the Netherlands

Case description

A 34-year-old woman from Thai origin developed acute liver failure after ingestion of a soup which contained the death cap (Amanita phalloides).


In patients with poisoning due to amatoxin-containing mushrooms, gastro-intestinal complaints usually develop several hours after ingestion, followed by acute hepatic failure which occasionally leads to death. The incidence of reported mushroom poisonings in the Netherlands has increased in 2019, which is possibly associated with migration of asylum seekers who regularly pick and eat mushrooms.


In the Netherlands mushroom intoxication is rare. Therefore, there is a lack of knowledge among health care personnel and foragers. The present case report highlights the importance of awareness of the poisonous death cap to prevent intoxications and optimize treatment decisions.

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