Basofielenactivatietest bij IgE-gemedieerde voedselallergie

Nieuwe technieken
Petra van Setten, Ad Jansen, Marianne Brouwer en Janneke Ruinemans-Koerts

New test to detect food allergy: the basophil activation test

Over recent decades the prevalence of food allergies and the allergy-related costs of care have increased considerably. The double-blind, placebo-controlled food challenge test is the gold standard for diagnosing food allergy. However, this test is not without risk and it is labour-intensive and expensive. In addition, the food challenge test only has limited availability which has led to (long) waiting lists. Therefore, there is a need for a safe, reliable and patient-friendly test to detect food allergy that is also fast and cheap. The basophil activation test is a potentially good alternative, however, it is only available at a few clinics and laboratories in the Netherlands and it can currently only be used for a limited number of allergens – and therefore only in a limited number of patients. National collaboration between laboratories and allergy centres should lead to more knowledge, the consolidation of which will benefit the validation and national implementation of the test.

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