Zwangere met psychiatrische stoornis kan stoppen met roken

Klinische les
Mirte Smit, Ellen J. Jongedijk, Marion H.B. Heres, Koert M. Dolman en Adriaan Honig

Pregnant women with psychiatric illness are able to stop smoking

Smoking during pregnancy is associated with neonatal complications and health problems later in life. However, about 10% of the pregnant women in the Netherlands smoke and those with a psychiatric illness smoke even more frequently. Although giving up smoking may be more difficult for these women, it does not lead to an increase of psychiatric symptoms. We present two patients who smoked during pregnancy. A 28-year-old female started smoking again during her first pregnancy when her depression relapsed. We advised a higher dose of medication and with her midwife’s support she gave up smoking. A 35-year-old female, suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder, had an increase of symptoms during her second pregnancy. She resumed smoking to feel more relaxed. Treatment with bupropion and an online support program helped her to give up smoking. We advise that every smoking pregnant woman with psychiatric problems be treated concurrently for the psychiatric illness and for smoking.

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