‘Welk borstimplantaat heb ik eigenlijk?’

Het belang van de Dutch Breast Implant Registry
Stand van zaken
Juliëtte Hommes, Marc A.M. Mureau, Manuel Harmsen en Hinne Rakhorst

‘Which breast implant do I have?’; the importance of the Dutch Breast Implant Registry

  • About 1 in 300 women in the Netherlands has a breast implant but many patients do not know what type of implant was inserted.
  • The quality of breast implants is currently monitored by the implant manufacturers.
  • Sufficient incidents have occurred to show that an independent registry is required to measure the quality of breast implants and to facilitate a national recall, if necessary.
  • Good national and international collaboration with the government, the manufacturers and other specialist associations is crucial for setting up an implant registry.
  • Since April 2015, data about patients and their implants have been collected, independently and prospectively, in the Dutch Breast Implant Registry to increase patient safety in cases of breast implant surgery in the Netherlands.

Conflict of interest and financial support: the authors have received a grant from the Dutch Foundation for quality-financing for medical specialists (Stichting Kwaliteitsgelden Medisch Specialisten) to construct the Dutch Breast Implant Registry (DBIR) and are all, except for M. Harmsen, members of the Scientific Board of the DBIR.