Weefsel uit de printer

De mogelijkheden van 3D-printen in de geneeskunde
Nieuwe technieken
Jetze Visser, Ferry P.W. Melchels, Wouter J.A. Dhert en Jos Malda

Tissue printing; the potential application of 3D printing in medicine

Complex structures based on a digital blueprint can be created using a 3D printer. As this blueprint can be created using patient imaging data, there are many potential patient-specific applications of 3D printing in medicine. Individually printed metal implants and synthetic devices are currently being used on a limited scale in clinical practice. Researchers in the field of regenerative medicine are now going a step further by printing a combination of cells, growth factors and biomaterials. This process is known as ‘bioprinting’. It can be used to copy the complex organization of natural tissue required to repair or replace damaged tissues or organs. The technique needs to be optimized, however, and more knowledge is required regarding the development of printed living constructs into functional tissues before ‘tissue from the printer’ can be clinically applied.

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