Voor elk kind met koorts een eigen ‘stoplicht’?

Eefje G.P.M. de Bont en Jochen W.L. Cals

An individual ‘traffic light system’ for children with fever?

Fever in children is very common, and is usually caused by self-limiting upper-respiratory-tract infections. The low incidence of serious infections makes it a challenge to identify children that do have a serious infection and need treatment or observation. The Dutch Society of Paediatrics (NVK) recently presented their guideline for febrile children in secondary care. This is an important, science-based guideline. However, the diagnostic schemes presented, which are based on tests that are not available in primary care, in combination with a different prior chance of serious infections between the primary and secondary care settings make it difficult to translate this guideline to primary care. Nevertheless, the ‘traffic light system’ presented is a promising potential safety net tool for providing advice for parents in the general practitioner’s consultation room. A traffic light system especially developed for primary care should be considered.

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