Toxische epidermale necrolyse bij gebruik van lamotrigine

K. Beerhorst en W.O. Renier

Toxic epidermal necrolysis due to lamotrigine.

- A 10-year-old girl developed a progressive rash and high fever more than a month after the start of lamotrigine as add-on medication for therapy-resistant epilepsy. A skin biopsy indicated toxic epidermal necrolysis (Lyell syndrome). Because her situation deteriorated and the lesions of the skin and mucosa progressed, she was transferred to a specialised centre for burn patients. Despite maximal supportive treatment, she died 3 weeks after the first skin lesions. Even with a low initial dosage of lamotrigine followed by a slow increase, a fatal toxic epidermal necrolysis is still possible. This should be kept in mind, especially in case of concurrent administration of valproic acid.