Toekomstige artsen beter voorbereiden op levenseindezorg

Josefien de Bruin, Mary-Joanne Verhoef, Joris P.J. Slaets en David van Bodegom

Better preparation of future physicians for end-of-life care

In order to prepare young physicians for complex healthcare, it is important that they receive good education on end-of-life care. Education on end-of-life care in medical training is regularly examined and successfully implemented internationally. Recent research shows that education on end-of-life care in Dutch medical training does not meet international criteria. The Dutch 2009 national blueprint for medical education, ‘Raamplan Artsopleiding 2009’, hardly mentions end-of-life; the compulsory curricula of all Dutch medical training programmes are not providing sufficient education on end-of-life care. Hugo de Jonge, the Dutch Minister of Public Health, Science and Sport, acknowledges the importance of good education on end-of-life care and asks the profession to ensure this. We are therefore calling upon the committees involved in the blueprint revision to explicitly include all five domains of end-of-life care in the compulsory curriculum. As a professional group, together we can ensure good education on end-of-life care in all phases of training. This will ensure that future physicians will be well-prepared for complex healthcare practice.

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