Tijd van slapen

Verstoring van de biologische klok door nacht- en wisseldiensten
Stand van zaken
Ybe Meesters en Marijke C.M. Gordijn

Time to sleep; disruption of the biological clock due to night and shift work

  • Now that the 24-hour economy is putting an ever-increasing mark on social life, the effects of the disruption of natural biological rhythms are becoming clearer.
  • In addition to its effects on sleep, this article discusses its long-term health effects.
  • Potential measures to reduce and counteract the adverse effects of working night shifts on general well-being, sleep and health are summarized; the roles of light and rhythm are explored.
  • Further research into the health effects of working nights and unsociable shift patterns is indicated.

Conflict of interest and financial support for this article: M.C.M. Gordijn received a non-restricted grant and payment for consultancy work from Philips Consumer Lifestyle.