Samenvatting van de NHG-Standaard ‘Voedselovergevoeligheid’

Marleen N. Luning-Koster, Peter L.B.J. Lucassen, Froukje S. Boukes en A.N. (Lex) Goudswaard

Summary of the Dutch College of General Practitioners’ practice guideline on food hypersensitivity

Conflict of interest: none declared. Financial support: none declared.

  • October 2010 the Dutch College of General Practitioners issued a revised version of their previous practice guideline of 1995 on food hypersensitivity in infants.

  • If patients suspect either themselves or their child of having a food allergy, this is usually not demonstrated in subsequent investigation.

  • Wrongly prescribed elimination diets may have adverse effects.

  • Examination of serum specific IgE levels has no place in the diagnosis of food allergy in general practice.

  • An open elimination challenge is especially suitable in order to exclude a food allergy.

  • A sure diagnosis of food allergy can only be made by a double-blind placebo-controlled food challenge.

  • There are no proven effective measures that can prevent food allergy.