Robotgeassisteerde Whipple-operatie

Resultaten van de eerste 100 ingrepen in Nederland
Carolijn L.M.A. Nota

Robot-assisted Whipple resection; results of the first 100 procedures in the Netherlands


Investigation into the results of robot-assisted Whipple resection in the Netherlands. These results were compared with those of open Whipple procedures on the basis of recent large case series of patients.


Case series of patients and systematic literature review.


We carried out a post hoc analysis of prospectively collected data on the first 100 consecutive patients who underwent robot-assisted Whipple procedures in the period from March 2016 until March 2018 at the Erasmus MC, the Maasstad hospital or the Regional Academic Cancer Centre Utrecht. We were mainly interested in surgery characteristics and postoperative outcomes. We compared our results with those of case series of patients with more than 500 open Whipple procedures carried out in a single hospital, published in the last 5 years.


There were one or more serious complications in 22 patients (22%) and 2 patients (2%) developed multiple organ failure. 7 patients (7%) underwent reoperation. There was no postoperative mortality. In 14 case series (n = 12,708), complications occurred in 38% of patients and 7% of patients underwent reoperation. Mean mortality rate was 3%.


Our findings show that robotic Whipple procedures can be carried out safely in the Netherlands. The number of complications and mortality rates are comparable with results of large case series of patients who underwent open Whipple procedures in a centre of expertise.

Conflict of interest and financial support: none declared.