Richtlijnen Gezondheidsraad over goede voeding 2015*

Martijn B. Katan

The Dietary Guidelines 2015 of the Health Council of the Netherlands – a commentary

The latest dietary guidelines recommend increased consumption of vegetables, fruits and nuts; weekly consumption of beans and fish; zero intake of alcohol; reduced meat and salt consumption; water, milk or yoghurt, filtered coffee, and 3-5 daily cups of tea rather than soft drinks and fruit juice; and replacing butter with vegetable oils and soft margarine. The glycemic index is considered not useful. The totality of the guidelines can lower blood pressure substantially. Effects on LDL cholesterol may be limited because the guidelines ignore the saturated fat content of foods, and treat all dairy products as equal. Interpretation of the effects of foods in terms of their constituent parts is mostly dismissed; this is a worrisome development in an otherwise valuable report.

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