Richtlijn ‘Orgaandonatie na euthanasie’

Han Mulder, Gert Olthuis, Marion Siebelink, Rik Gerritsen en Ernst van Heurn

Guideline ‘Organ donation following euthanasia”

  • The multidisciplinary guideline ‘Organ donation following euthanasia’ was published in March 2017 at request of the Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport.
  • This guideline provides recommendations for the organisation and implementation of a request to donate organs expressed by a patient who asks for euthanasia.
  • It is vital to avoid any conflict of interest while the patient requesting organ donation following euthanasia is still alive.
  • The person who carries out the euthanasia procedure is responsible for assessing the degree of unbearable suffering and for guaranteeing that potential organ donation is well-considered and voluntary.
  • During the procedure everything possible must be done to ensure a minimal burden for the patient and the family.

Conflict of interest and financial support: none declared.