Promoties in de geneeskunde

Verspilde onderzoeksinspanning of noodzakelijk?
Joeri K. Tijdink

Elders in dit tijdschrift schrijft Frank Wolters over de toename van het aantal promoties in de geneeskunde in Nederland (zie ook de infographic). Daarmee legt hij een belangrijk pijnpunt in de medische wereld bloot. Veel dokters gaan promoveren omdat dat hun carrièrekansen vergroot. Hebben we al die promoties wel nodig?

The Dutch PhD-factory: pivotal or research waste

This commentary discusses the increase of the number of finished PhD-theses in the Netherlands among young medical doctors. I discuss their motivation, engagement, the lack of mentoring and the mental health symptoms that are highly prevalent among Dutch PhD students in university medical centers. As a consequence, the abovementioned factors may have a detrimental impact on the validity and integrity of research results. Furthermore, I discuss how the current academic hierarchy is shaping academic careers and dictating publication practices. PhD students are pivotal in fulfilling academic dreams of seniors by writing a considerable number of publications that help senior researchers increase their scientific output, advance their careers and help them to get tenured. I suggest that we should invest in sufficient, effective and responsible supervision and mentoring and should train our supervisors to become a responsible role model for their PhD students. For this we need different performance indicators, and more time and skills for seniors to invest in PhD students. As a result, supervisors will become more equipped and engaged in responsible supervision.

Conflict of interest and financial support: none declared.