Orgaandonatie na euthanasie bij een patiënt met een neurodegeneratieve aandoening

Klinische les
Gert van Dijk, Ariane Giezeman, Fred Ultee en Raoul Hamers

Organ donation after active euthanasia in a patient with a neurodegenerative disease

In countries where active euthanasia by a physician is allowed under law – Belgium and the Netherlands – physicians are sometimes confronted with patients who want to donate organs after active euthanasia has been performed. This combination of procedures has been reported in Belgium, and this article is the first description of such a case in the Netherlands. It concerns a patient with a neurodegenerative disease who donated organs after euthanasia. The combination of two complex and controversial procedures – active euthanasia and organ donation – raises important ethical, legal and practical issues. It is suggested that with a thorough preparation and a strict separation of both procedures, organ donation after active euthanasia can strengthen patient autonomy and increase the number of donated organs.

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