Medicamenteuze behandeling van astma tijdens zwangerschap

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Saar A. van Nederveen-Bendien, Sarah R.J. van Oord-Bosselaar, A. Hanneke Feitsma en Jasper H. Kappen

Pharmacological treatment of asthma during pregnancy

  • Asthma during pregnancy is associated with an increased risk of preterm delivery, low birth weight and pre-eclampsia.
  • This condition may be undertreated due to insufficient knowledge and, in particular, concerns about teratogenic effects of asthma medication among treating healthcare professionals and pregnant women.
  • The risk of teratogenic effects of inhaled medications (ICS, SABA and LABA) is small. These agents have been used by large groups of patients for many years.
  • Well-controlled asthma with pharmacological therapy during pregnancy is safer and leads to fewer complications then accepting asthma symptoms and exacerbations.
  • Preconception care for a woman with asthma who is treated with medication is recommended.

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