Koorts en een kuitabces door geïnfecteerde aortaprothese

Eva A.K. van Delft, Renske Konings en Maarten Truijers

Fever and persisting calf abscess ten years after aorta-bifemoral bypass

A 52-year-old woman presented with fever and a persisting calf abscess ten years after she had received an aorta-bifemoral bypass. Her infection parameters were increased and she had anaemia. CT of the abdomen revealed air surrounding the proximal anastomosis of the bypass suggesting bypass graft infection. The diagnosis of an aorta-duodenal fistula was confirmed by gastroduodenoscopy showing migration of the bypass through the wall of the duodenum into the intestinal lumen. The bypass was resected and reconstructed using the superficial femoral vein. The patient recovered uneventful.

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