Hoe stop je levensbedreigend uitwendig bloedverlies?

Behandelopties in de prehospitale fase
Stand van zaken
Leo M.G. Geeraedts jr., Tim W.H. Rijnhout, Stefan E. van Oostendorp, Georgios F. Giannakopoulos en Edward C.T.H. Tan

How can life-threatening external blood loss be stopped? Treatment options in the prehospital phase

  • 3,500 people die of injuries in the Netherlands every year; 40% of the deaths are attributable to bleeding.
  • Treatment of patients with life-threatening blood loss is part of the trauma care continuum: all the way from incident to hospital treatment.
  • This article presents an overview of all treatment options for stopping life-threatening external blood loss, divided in medical assistance phases. It also makes a distinction between different types of care providers, based on the presence or absence of their medical skills.

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