Het fenomeen van Raynaud

Diagnostiek en behandeling
Stand van zaken
Herman M.A. Hofstee, Alexandre E. Voskuyl, Erik H. Serné en Yvo M. Smulders

Raynaud’s phenomenon; diagnosis and treatment

  • Primary Raynaud’s phenomenon (RP) is a relatively common disorder. Most patients with primary RP have only mild symptoms and do not develop complications.

  • Distinguishing primary from secondary RP is important with respect to complications, and for prognosis and treatment. Secondary RP mainly manifests as part of systemic connective tissue disease.

  • About 13% of patients diagnosed initially as having primary RP develop a systemic disorder within the following few years.

  • Both auto-immune serology including antinuclear antibodies (ANA), and capillaroscopy are important diagnostic tools if one suspects the existence or development of a systemic disorder.

  • Calcium antagonists are the cornerstone of RP pharmacotherapy.