Herziene richtlijn 'Preventie wiegendood'

T.W.H. Flinsenberg, J.H. Ruys, A.C. Engelberts en H.W.M. van Velzen-Mol

Revised guideline 'Prevention of cot death'

- There are new insights into the pathogenesis of cot death (‘sudden infant death syndrome’; SIDS).

- Based on these new insights, the Dutch Paediatric Association and the Dutch Child and Youth Health Care Physicians have drawn up a new guideline ‘Prevention of cot death’, which replaces the consensus statement of 1996.

- The 2 major differences from the old guideline are that co-sleeping of young infants in the same bed with the parents is now actively discouraged under the age of 4 months, and that the supine sleeping position is recommended from birth on.

- The recommendation that lying on one side can be used during the first 2 weeks of life has now been withdrawn.

Ned Tijdschr Geneeskd. 2008;152:1370-5