Gunstige effecten van een verblijf in het Nederlands Astmacentrum Davos op medische consumptie en kwaliteit van leven bij CARA-patiënten

T.A.W. van der Schoot, I. de Weerdt, A.A. Kaptein, F.W. Dekker, Th.A.M. Deenen en B. Speelberg

Favourable effects of a stay in the Dutch Asthma Centre Davos on medical consumption and quality of life of CNSLD patients.

– The Dutch Asthma Centre Davos in Switzerland is a clinic where patients with chronic nonspecific lung disease (CNSLD) are given multidisciplinary treatment. In a prospective study in the clinic, data on quality of life (functional, psychological and social characteristics) and medical consumption (use of oral corticosteroids and use of health services) were collected in a group of 147 patients with CNSLD. 18 patients were lost due to non-medical reasons. Quality of life and the use of oral corticosteroids were registered on admission, at discharge and 4 weeks, 6 and 12 months after discharge. Data on use of health services were gathered over the period between one year before admission and one year after discharge from the asthma centre.

The results of this study show a decrease in the use of oral corticosteroids, in the number of visits to the family physician and outpatient department and the number and duration of hospital admissions. Favourable changes occurred in psychological functioning, (including anxiety and depression) and positive changes were observed in the degree of limitation the patients experienced in their activities of daily living. No convincing changes were found in social functioning, including social support.

It can be concluded, on the basis of these results, that a stay in the Dutch Asthma Centre Davos has favourable effects on medical consumption and on some aspects of quality of life.