Geen verbod op ‘herstel maagdenvlies’

Ter discussie
Antina de Jong en Gert van Dijk

Maagdenvliesherstel is ‘eergerelateerd geweld’, volgens de begin dit jaar verschenen Actieagenda Schadelijke Praktijken. Een verbod dreigt. Maar volgens de auteurs zijn daar onvoldoende argumenten voor.

No ban on hymen reconstruction surgery

The Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport recently proposed a ban on hymen reconstruction surgery. In this article, we argue against this proposal by discussing different arguments used in this debate. We argue that defining this type of surgery as female genital mutilation (FGM) is not sufficient to justify a ban, as other forms of genital surgery in adults also fall within the definition of FGM. We also argue against the idea that a ban is justified because this type of operation is based on patriarchal ideas of sexuality and virginity. Rather than banning this practice, doctors should inform women and suggest possible alternatives.

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