Er komt bij mijn kind iets uit de anus

Klinische les
Rosalie J.L. Kuiper, Justin R. de Jong en C.M. Frank Kneepkens

There is something coming out of the anus of my child

The diagnosis of anal protrusions in children may be difficult, because the protrusion often occurs only after defaecation, and is usually invisible during the consultation. We present three cases of children with rectal prolapse (4-year-old boy), polyp (4-year-old boy), and external haemorrhoids (3-year-old boy), respectively. In each case, the diagnosis could be made after parents had sent a picture of the phenomenon. The first patient recovered after laxative therapy, the second after polypectomy, and in the third patient, the haemorrhoid persisted, despite laxative therapy and physiotherapy.

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