En toen was er de Wkkgz

Nieuwe wet met vergaande gevolgen voor artsen
Aart C. Hendriks

The WKKGZ, a new act with far-reaching consequences for physicians

The introduction of the Act on Quality, Complaints and Disputes in Health care (WKKGZ) on 1 January 2016, brings changes for physicians in the Netherlands. Even though not all the implications of the Act are yet known, it is clear that the new provisions on quality entail a substantial increase in the administrative workload. With respect to the right of complaint a great deal will change for physicians and other care providers. Independent complaints committees are no longer mandatory. They are to be replaced by dispute settlement authorities that are able to make binding decisions with the possibility of awarding damages for patient claims. The legal position of physicians is not satisfactorily regulated in a well-balanced way in all areas, and deserves further attention.

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