Duwtjes in de goede richting?

Nudging van medisch professionals herkennen en gebruiken
Organisatie van zorg
Rosanna Nagtegaal

Wat als goedkope en simpele interventies in staat zijn om gedrag in de zorg te veranderen? Dit is de potentie van ‘nudging’. Nudging is de Engelse term voor het op subtiele wijze stimuleren van gewenst gedrag, ‘een duwtje in de goede richting’. In dit artikel breng ik in kaart hoe het staat met nudging van medisch professionals.

A nudge in the right direction? Recognition and use of nudging in the medical profession

‘Nudging’ is the subtle stimulation of desirable behaviour based on insights from behavioural psychology. ‘Nudges’ can be used to change patient behaviour; they can, however, also be used on medical professionals. We applied a literature study to map this form of behavioural influence among medical professionals. Different categories can be defined, such as ‘reminders’ in electronic prescription systems and making differences in prescription behaviours between doctors visible. Some of these interventions are not labelled ‘nudges’, which is problematic because there is ongoing debate about whether certain forms of behavioural influence are ethically responsible. Nudging has the potential to change behaviour, but must be applied with attention to contextual factors such as the medical issue in question, the goal of influencing and the type of professional. I advise transparency about the use of nudges and checking whether there is support among medical professionals before using them.

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