Dermatoscopie: een aanwinst voor de klinische beoordeling van gepigmenteerde afwijkingen

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W. Bergman

Dermatoscopy: an asset in the clinical assessment of pigmented skin lesions

- Dermatoscopy is a non-invasive technique for the clinical diagnosis of pigmented skin lesions: a simple contact skin-surface microscope with a 10-fold magnification is used; the application of oil makes the horny layer translucent, as a result of which several additional criteria become available for the diagnosis of pigmented lesions.

- The evaluation is based on an algorithm involving asymmetry, border, colour and differential structure; another type of evaluation involves pattern analysis (global assessment, detailed assessment, assessment of the pigment network).

- The evaluation of these criteria requires formal training, after which the diagnostic skills of dermatologists have been found to increase; in non-dermatologists these skills decreased.

- Dermatoscopy has become an indispensible aid in clinical dermatology.