De voorgestelde maatregelen van de Inspectie voor de Gezondheidszorg naar aanleiding van de dood van Sylvia Millecam en haar behandeling door alternatieve genezers

F.S.A.M. van Dam

The measures proposed by the Dutch Healthcare Inspectorate after the death of Sylvia Millecam and her treatment by practitioners of alternative medicine.

- As a result of the illness and treatment of the Dutch comedian Sylvia Millecam, who died of the consequences of an untreated mammary carcinoma following a quest for help from a series of practitioners of alternative medicine, the Dutch Healthcare Inspectorate has proposed measures designed to prevent a repetition of such a shortcoming in the delivered care. The measures include the compulsory registration of practitioners of alternative medicine, the restriction of diagnostic procedures to regular physicians, the obligation to co-operate with the best possible treatment for the patient in question, mutual exchange of information between practitioners of regular and alternative medicine, and a compulsory protocol regarding the therapeutic agreement with the patient if the regular route is not followed. How feasible these measures are remains a question. A positive aspect of the report is the attention given to the shortcomings in the care provided by the alternative circuit and the deterrent effect of the present case.