De impasse die ADHD heet

Andrea M. Ruissen

The impasse known as ADHD

There are two extreme views within psychiatry when it comes to etiopathogenesis. At one extreme is the naturalistic vision; at the other extreme is a perception of psychiatric diagnoses as social constructions. There are also different perspectives on ADHD: historical, social, psychological and neurobiological. In this article, I will try to find a position between the two extremes to sketch the context of the current ADHD debate from the different perspectives. I conclude that a one-sided neurobiological view of ADHD lacks adequate foundation; it does not support the psychiatrist who is struggling with complicated ADHD issues in daily practice, and does not respond adequately to the very real problems of the people concerned and their families. We do not know exactly how to address the issue of ADHD in children and adults. Traditionally in medicine, to abstain in case of doubt is a virtue.

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