De eerste dubbelzijdige handtransplantatie in Nederland

Resultaten na 1 jaar
Steven E.R. Hovius, Anne Sophie Kruit en Dietmar J.O. Ulrich

The first bilateral hand transplantation in the Netherlands: results after 1 year


Although more than 130 hand-arm transplantations have been performed worldwide, the first Dutch hand transplantation has been performed only recently. This bilateral hand-arm transplantation was performed in June 2019 in the Radboud University Medical Centre, Nijmegen. This report describes the preparation, procedure and 1-year follow-up results.

Case description

This 44 years-old female patient had an amputation of both lower legs and hands in 2014, following a severe sepsis with peripheral tissue necrosis. The patient was mobile with her leg prostheses at the time of presentation. The loss of hand function, however, formed a continuous invalidation and could not be improved adequately with prosthesis due to the distal amputation level of her hands.


The total procedure took 24 hours and was successful. Both the aesthetical and functional results were good and are still improving. The patient considered the transplanted hands immediately as her own.

Conflict of interest and financial support: none declared.