De eerste 29 COVID-19-pati√ęnten in de kliniek

Vroege bevindingen uit een ziekenhuis in Noord-Brabant
Stand van zaken
Nathalie Van der Moeren, Sander Talman, Wouter van den Bijllaardt, Merijn Kant, Peter Heukels, Robbert G. Bentvelsen en Daan W. Loth

The first 29 COVID-19-patients in a clinic: early experiences from a Dutch hospital

The SARS-CoV-2 virus and COVID-19 disease is of pandemic proportions and reached the Netherlands on February 27 2020. Here we present the first Dutch cohort of 29 hospitalized patients during the first two weeks of the epidemic in the Netherlands. Demographic characteristics of patients, clinical presentation and course of disease up to the moment of analysis showed similarity with what has been described in Chinese and Italian literature. However the higher proportion of patients presenting with gastro-intestinal symptoms and the high number of patients with overweight and obesity stood out. Based on the experience in our hospital very early on in the epidemic COVID-19 impresses as a severe illness with risk of acute respiratory deterioration.

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