Cholesterol-consensus in Nederland

D.W. Erkelens

Cholesterol consensus in the Netherlands.

- A Dutch cholesterol consensus meeting was held on March 20th 1987, since cholesterol levels in the Dutch population are too high with respect to the risk for coronary heart disease (CHD) and since evidence is available that dietary or medical intervention to lower cholesterol leads to a decreased incidence of CHD.

Consensus was reached that population screening is not warranted, but that case finding of individuals with an increased risk is indicated. A cholesterol level < 5 mmoll is considered ideal, while a level > 6.5 mmoll is considered elevated and ‚Č• 8 mmoll strongly elevated. Dietary intervention (fat 30, ratio polyunsaturated : monounsaturated : saturated 1:1:1, cholesterol < 300 mgday) and medical intervention are advised when cholesterol is elevated, keeping other risk factors for CHD in mind. The whole population is advised to adhere to the Nutritional guidelines of the Dutch Nutrition Board.