Chirurgische behandeling van de rectale prolaps

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G.H.H. Mannaerts en C.H. Ruseler

Surgical treatment of rectal prolapse

- Rectal prolapse must be distinguished from anal prolapse or mucosal prolapse since the treatment differs.

- The only effective treatment for rectal prolapse is surgery. The fact that rectal prolapse causes severe disability and that the morbidity of the current surgical treatment is low justifies surgery even at advanced age. Moreover, the success rate is high.

- Ventral rectopexy seems to be the surgical technique of choice on the grounds of the anatomical advantages (preservation of rectal innervation and lifting of the middle compartment) and the results (low recurrence rates and reduction of constipation).

- The laparoscopic approach is just as effective as an open procedure and results in less morbidity, quicker recovery and lower medical costs.

Ned Tijdschr Geneeskd. 2006;150:781-7